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 The overarching goal of the Sudanese Association for Medical Education (SAME), is to promote excellence and scholarship in all aspects of medical education by advocating for medical education and medical educators, by supporting faculty and educational development, and by encouraging research in medical education through networking and scientific activities.

The first step must be situation analysis to assess the specific needs of medical education in Sudanese context. This will determine the specific plan of action and its priorities.

Vision & Mission

SAME is a non-governmental organization for the promotion and advancement of excellence in medical education.


To achieve excellence in all aspects of medical education (including all health professions education) in Sudan.


SAME's mission is to promote and advance excellence across the continuum of medical education in Sudan by:

  • Supporting SAME members and others in their educational roles
  • Encouraging scholarly inquiry in medical education
  • Promoting the development and application of evidence and best practices in medical education.
  • Advocating for excellence in medical education throughout the country

Involved in a wide range of medical education initiatives to help advance the art and science of medical instruction.


Members Committee

 Prof Mohammed El bageer Ali


Prof Hashim

Vice president

Dr Yassir Ahmed Mohammed Alhassan

General Secretary

Dr AlMuntasir Taha Salah

Dr Tahr Al-sadig Almahdi

Secretary of Scientific Affairs

Dr Nisreen Daffa Alla Omer

Secretary of Diaspora Affairs

Dr Mohammed Mohammed Ibnouf


Dr Intisar

Dr Inshirah

Dr Rehab Mustafa  Badi

Dr Najla Abdelrahim

Dr Heba Rahama

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