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SAME's values are

•    Education and learning are central to the delivery of high quality healthcare
•    Good healthcare educators are central in planning, delivering and evaluating high quality healthcare
•    Individual members of SAME should be supported and developed
•    High quality research is necessary for the development of healthcare education
•    Vision, innovation and leadership in healthcare education are to be fostered

SAME seeks to

•    Promote high quality research into medical education
•    Provide opportunities for developing medical educators
•    Disseminate good evidence based educational practice
•    Inform and advise relevant organizations on medical education matters
•    Develop relationships with other organizations and groupings in healthcare education
SAME draws its members from all areas of medical education - undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing - and from all HP specialties. It has a function as a forum for debate and exchange of information, and is building on its contacts in medicine and teaching in the country and among other similar networks, to promote knowledge and expertise in medical education.

The activities of this association will focus on the following areas

1.    Document for the course of medical education in Sudan (Prof. Al-Zein suggestion)
2.    Teaching excellence - contextualized (define it using literature and local experience) – Initiate Awards & Grants for teaching excellence
3.    Support for teachers and other stakeholders in adopting an evidence-informed approach to their teaching practice, through scholastic work – Journal.
4.    Help institutes & individuals deliver a more effective and efficient education programme.
5.    Seek membership & collaboration with other relevant associations/bodies (e.g. Deans’ association)
6.    Activities in Support of the National Accreditation System (advising & advocating)
7.    Consultations to institutes, faculty & students
8.    CPD in the form of short courses: courses are designed to be of value to those new to teaching, and for teachers with some experience who would like a greater understanding of the basic principles and an update on current best practice. The courses recognize that all teachers, even those with considerable experience, can improve their skills in teaching. Here are some of the courses that would be offered on a regular base (the list should be circulated to various Medical Faculties around the country so each faculty will choose a topic and indicate a suitable time / year for hosting that specific course). Here is a tentative list of the courses
a.    Essential skills in Medical Education: This introductory course provides an overview of the competencies required of medical and healthcare professions teachers.
b.    Essential Skills in Medical Education Assessment: This course provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of assessment and is aimed at people relatively new to assessment who wish to gain a thorough foundation in the subject.
c.    Essential Skills in Computer-Enhanced Learning: The course prepares participants to develop, deliver, and evaluate computer enhanced learning activities using sound educational principles and a range of creative technologies.
d.    Essential Skills for Continuing Education and Professional Development: This course provides an introduction to those who are currently involved in the planning, organization and/or implementation of medical (health) education at the continuing professional development level.
e.    Research Essential Skills in Medical Education: The course provides an introduction to the essential principles and methods of conducting research in medical education: formulating research questions, choosing a research approach, selecting an appropriate methodology, and constructing a research plan as well as an overview on the principles of research ethics.
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